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LED Strip CCT+RGB 2500K-6000K 24V 50W/m CRI96 TLCI97
Product number: A10035

LED Strip TD 2500K-6200K 24V 45W/m 280LEDs/m CRI96 TLCI98
Product number: A10036

LED Strip CCT+RGB 2500K-6000K 24V 43W/m CRI96 TLCI97
Product number: A10004k-95

LED Module BAR2x3 CCT 2700K & 6500K 12V 1.2W CRI96+
Product number: A60001-12-CCT

LED Strip CCT 2200K-6500K 24V 28.8W/m 120LEDs/m HighOutput CRI90
Product number: A10002c-ho

LED Strip Tungsten 3200K 5V 13W/m 60LEDs/m CRI95
Product number: A10025-32

LED SMD 3030 Cyan 500nm 3V 1W 350mA 175lm
Product number: A30006

LED Strip CCT 2200K-6500K 5V 20W/m 60LEDs/m CRI95
Product number: A10025-CCT

LED SMD 3030 1700K CCT 3V 1W 350mA 75lm CRI94 TLCI85
Product number: A30001

LED Module BAR2x2 HighOutput individual color 12V CRI96
Product number: A60002-12-IND-HO

LED Module BAR2x3 CCT 2600K & 6000K 12V 3W HighOutput CRI96
Product number: A60001-12-CCT-HO

LED SMD 3030 6000K CCT 3V 1W 350mA 130lm CRI95 TLCI99
Product number: A30004

LED Module ARRAY12 CCT 2600K & 6000K 24V 6W CRI96 TLCI96
Product number: A60008

LED Module COB9 12V 4.5W 1600K Amber CRI96
Product number: A60003-16

LED Strip Daylight 6000K 24V 26W/m 120LEDs/m CRI90
Product number: A10017-60

LED Neon Flex Side RGB 12V 14W/m 112LEDs/m 6x12mm
Product number: A50011-RGB

LED Neon Flex Side Warm White 3000K 12V 8W/m 120LEDs/m 6x12mm
Product number: A50011-WW

LED Modul COB12 12V 2x3W 2600K 6000K CCT Tunable CRI96 TLCI95
Product number: A60006-2660

LED Module COB9 12V 4.5W 2600K CRI96 TLCI95
Product number: A60003-26

LEDiL CP17401 YASMEEN 50 MC Lens for LED
Product number: AC0017

Bender & Wirth LED Holder 442 Typ L8 COB
Product number: AC0015